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Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood Movies

Hollywood and glamor are inextricably linked, so it is not strange that old Hollywood movies apply for most glamourous in the history of cinematography, while those actresses are style icons until today and so on. People gladly enjoy in the magic of past times and the fashion of old Hollywood. That is the main reason why some of those old movies are infinite and loved by generations f people.

Here is the list of some most glamorous movies in Hollywood.

–    Morroco – With Marlene Ditricht as the leading actress, this movie represents a romantic drama about cabaret singer, but it is still one of the most glamourous Hollywood movies ever. The detail from this film that is very glamorous and impressive is the scene when Marlene wears man suit. It is the first time in movie history that woman wears man clothes.

–    Gone with the Wind – This movie will be remembered for its beautiful green crinoline, and also many more fashion moments in the movie. All the creations in this movie are made for movie needs, but they were so attractive, that it was a trendsetting movie at that time. That is enough to put it on the top of the most glamorous movies in Hollywood.

–    Philadelphia – This movie, with Audrey Hapbern as the main actress, is one of the most glamorous Hollywood movies because many moments of new creations such as toga dress inspired by Greek goddesses. The glamor of Gods we can tell.

–    Gilda – Rita Hayworth played a role of one real femme fatale in this movie. In that time, 1946. That dark black satin dress without straps became the scene to remember for a lifetime. Obviously, this movie has a plenty of glamor and various fashion creations, and that is why it is on our list.

–    Seven years of loyalty – Of course, this list can not pass without Marilyn Monroe. She played in this romantic comedy, as well as in other her movies, a breathtaking femme fatale. This movie is remembered for the scene from the subway, the famous upskirt scene. That dress was the most popular one for decades after the movie released.

–    Sabrina – This movie is a comedy about a young Parisian woman, Audrey Hapbern, and all the issues of a youth that follows her. The thing that makes this movie as the most glamourous is the fact that most of the costumes – dresses were made by Givency and Edit Piaf, and the most attractive dress is the black boat like the dress from the famous scene.

–    Breakfast at Tiffany’s – When we speak about glamor, this movie deserves to be found here. It is an outstanding glamourous movie that transferred Audrey Hapbern into a style icon for many generations. The one black dress with naked shoulders is still very glamourous today, and it passed 55 years from the creation.

–    Sweet life – Fellini’s movie is also one of the most glamourous, and all the attention is sentenced to the little black dress that Anita Ackeberg wears in one scene on the stage with the band. It is a dress designed by Italian designer Cristobal Balensiago, and it is very modern and glamourous dress up to today.

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